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Our retreats are a 5 star fitness experience that allows you to immerse yourself in energetic fitness, delicious nutrition and relaxation. Feel energised but relaxed in a choice of locations across the Middle East. Chose from a suburban oasis in Marrakesh to a beach side resort in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. An iRefresh retreat gives you a balance of fitness training that may include jogging, boxing, stretching, core and conditioning at a schedule to suit you. Balance this with plenty of relaxation time to lounge by the pool or in a hammock in the tranquil gardens, the choice is yours. A choice of local and international healthy cuisine, completes the experience.

Paul Jewiss

Paul has been a fitness trainer since 1996 and has run fitness retreats all over the World since 2004. He loves being able to give focused and exclusive attention to small groups of people from one to four and he ensures the synergy of exercising hard, having fun and relaxing on retreat is in balance.

With 4 night group retreats to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Marrakesh or for a 7 night fully personalised retreat anywhere in the world, iRefresh will ensure you have a life-changing experience.

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4 night retreats

Our 4 night retreats are available in three locations, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Marrakesh. Being only three – six hours away, they are perfect for a short break to fit into a busy schedule or just to get away from the fast paced bustle of life.

7 night custom retreats

Our 7 night customer retreats are our signature package. We will take you anywhere in the World you wish, whether its the UNESCO sites of Costa Rica, to the perfection of the Maldives, the chilled out vibes of Bali or the buzz of Miami!
Our 7 night retreats are all custom made, so if you want a one to one focused but fun experience, this could be the one for you.

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